Tissot фирменный бутик

Красная площадь, д.3, ТД ГУМ, 1 этаж, 3-я линия
Для клиентов бутика бесплатная парковка.
Бутик открыт с 1 июня. с 1 по 30 июня при покупке любых часов Tissot от 25 000 рублей, Вы получите фирменный подарок Tissot! Все, что необходимо – назвать секретный пароль #ВремяБытьЗдоровым *Количество подарков ограничено

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Tissot фирменный бутик will be delighted to show you its collections of men’s and women’s Tissot watches.Come and visit our Tissot store in Москва and be captivated by our brand’s expertise, which dates back to 1853, and the varied ranges we have created.Come and see for yourself our sporty, elegant-looking watches, which are well known all around the world for their quality and reliability.True to Swiss heritage and tradition, Tissot offers numerous automatic models, all masterpieces of mechanical precision.A specialist adviser is available at the Tissot фирменный бутик store to answer your questions and to help you choose the best watch for you in Москва.


Reserve your Tissot watch now in this sales outlet – with no obligation to purchase – via our official site.
Our workshop offers you a maintenance service of your Tissot watch, with a two-year guarantee on the work carried out.
Payment can be made by debit card, credit card, or in cash.